Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is Silvia, done on the way home from Downtown this past weekend. She had such an amazing smile, that as soon as she sat down I immediately abandoned the other drawing I had been doing (of no one in particular) and flipped to a new page. I usually try to not be noticed, but as she was sitting -right- in front of me (our trax seats face each other, on top of that) I figured it would be prudent to ask if I could draw her. She said sure, and then I was very relieved that she didn't go all stiff or anything like that, just kept being herself. She had an awesome smile and -amazing- hair.

Then, abruptly, she realized she was at her stop, and left before I could say anything else to her. I finished about 50% of this after she left, but I would have liked her to be able to see the finished drawing (I sometimes ask for someone's e-mail to show them a finished piece if they realize I've been drawing them)

This picture's got a little regret attached to it now, which, perhaps makes it a little more precious. I learned more than just the drawing on this one. Perhaps sometimes it might be more important to get to know someone than it is to draw them.

Perhaps both processes are integral to each other if both are to be carried out perfectly to the real 'artist' (hnf, if I get too much more metaphysical I'm going to have to write 'Artist.')

What do you guys think? Has anything similar ever happened to you?

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Camille said...

I think drawing a person is important as you kind of immortalize that person on paper, getting to know them immortalizes them in your heart. by getting to know her you understand her and by drawing her you will remember her.