Friday, May 18, 2012

First Picture Book

My first picture book! The Secret Police Dog, by Bobbi Gale recently won the Editor's Choice award. It was a fun book to work on (I mean...c'mon, dogs!) despite a really fast deadline. I look forward to doing more with this company, so keep your eyes open! The cover will take you to the book's page at MeeGenius. WARNING: it'll start reading to you about ten seconds after you open it if you don't push pause or 'read it myself' case any of you are in an office or something where that might...cause undue interest in your current activities.


Shara Mills said...

Way to go Erika! Did you do the graphic design on the cover? I'm working on an ebook commission right now. I'd really like to hear about how your experience with this book went.

Amber McDonald said...

That is so cool! Congrats! I've done so much drawing this summer I feel my style has matured a lot more! Someday it may even be consistent! ^^