Friday, July 13, 2012

Location study

Unrelated note first: My website portfolio just got a major update, with nearly twenty pieces appearing online for the first time. check it out.
Now, on to business: On DeviantART a while ago I posted a small study of Lao'ra, with vague references to an upcoming personal project.
I can say now, that that project -is- going to happen, and that it's going to be a graphic novel, which will be released online as a webcomic. I'm in process of writing the script right now, so don't count on anything overly soon (it will probably be quite some time before it's finished) but do count on periodic spoilers until I start releasing it.
First of which, is this location study. Done in Arches National Park, while camping a few weeks ago. Done with my only copic marker ('sand' color, appropriately enough)micron, ball point, and a white-out pen. I really like how the copic works, I'd like to get more of them, but that will have to wait too.
The graphic novel itself, tentatively called 'Quickpaw' is probably going to be watercolor based, though I'm no purist, and other medias will probably fill in where they feel like it.

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Kimberli Johnson said...

Erika your stuff is looking awsome! I like how you designed your website.