Monday, January 10, 2011

Technical Drawing

Technical illustration is rather a broad label, covering everything from architectural blueprints, to product design, to concept design for things like robots and armor. Traditionally technical artists relied on rulers and 'rapidograph' pens to get smooth, exact lines with even weight and concise proportions, often showing the lines through the 'skin' of the object so inner workings can be seen. This drawing is how Sorrek's hut (from the last post) is built.

Examples of some tecnical illustrations include everything from the Thomas Jefferson's Architectural designs to the batmobile, and these designs for Tron, to product detailing such as this one.

Illustrator is a funny beast, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.


Bradley said...

As far as layout and positioning goes, it looks well balanced on the page. The cloud feels a little cramped in the space its given on the right. But overall it looks good.

texasdallastar said...

Focal Point: to me nothing really jumps out as a focal point but there is a lot of movement in your piece. The labeling is well done and it is easy to understand. Fun idea.

Stephen Sitton said...

Hey yo,
Lo unico que puedo decir sobre tu imagen es que los colores estan demasiado similares. En cuanto al contrasto seria mejor si lo que quieres que sea el punto focal, que eso sea mas vibrante de color. Solo es mi punto de vista. Ciao!

Makayla S said...

I really like the creative nature of this piece - it's a good simple structure that lets the viewer add their own creativity to it. Great job! One thing that could improve the piece would be a little more attention to the type