Monday, December 27, 2010

Sorrek's Hut

This was actually done before the last environment I posted, but needed a lot of revisions before I could call it done. Both are inhabited by griffins: two posts ago was the villainous one, this one is the 'good' griffin.

This was the first of 7 'environments' that later turned into 7 'huge illustrations' ... meaning, eventually this will have Sorrek himself in it as well, rather than just being empty.

This one was a good testing ground for how far I can take revisions without redoing something. The class critique on the original version of this was quite lengthy, but it (of course) improved it a great deal. I may fiddle with it a bit after critique round two, but for now, the revisions list is all crossed off!

The project as a whole is still underway. I'll post periodic updates on it until April (when the whole thing will go up on my website.

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Marcelo Vignali said...

Very nice. I love how believable this living space is.