Thursday, June 10, 2010


The ibex is at a wildlife (taxidermy) museum at a university near my house. The lynx lives at the zoo, and likes to do what all cat's do best: pretend like they're doing something they're not. Most people walked up, saw him and said 'aw, he's so boring, he's just sleeping.' then they'd walk away and he'd open his eyes and give a devilish little smirk.

The second sketch looks like he actually went to sleep, but the occasional curious eye-peep told me otherwise. I'm a little partial to the second sketch, as I'd loosened up a bit. Last time I went to the zoo this same lynx killed a stray bird that ventured into its cage...right in front of the children's viewing window. It was fantastic.

Sorry for the ugly watermark. Paper texture added in PS.

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camille b said...

Love the pen and ink animals. some of your best work!