Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chalk Art Festival 2010

Back at the Utah Foster Care annual chalk art festival! This was a pretty good year. I went with a simpler, homemade design this year and went with something that cropped up in my sketchbook a few months ago (one of those 2 a.m. things) Heh, no crazy Mucha reproductions this year; I knew I'd have only one day instead of the customary two because of school and travel time (a 4 hour drive) and I was working alone this year instead of teaming up.

My mom did her own square this year as well, as well as two of my other sisters in the student category. Sign in was funny this year.
"Name please?"
"...which one?"

I was nearly under one of the mall's footbridges this year, which meant I had at least partial shade most of the day. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get a full sun picture, but the sun obliged just enough to push the shadow just off the edge of my square before we had to leave. That's my sketchbook in the corner, wrapped in saran wrap to keep chalk dust off. You can also draw a simple grid on top of it with permanent marker, which is handy.

Till next year!

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