Friday, June 14, 2013

Paper Starhorse

Did this several years ago from a picture of a galaxy I found somewhere. Normal scissors, pasted onto a craft paper envelope with a glue stick. I think I was on my mission in Uruguay when I did this--I found it in a journal from around that time a few days ago. 

There were a couple years (around sixth grade or so) when I did like, several of these cut-out animals or characters a day, including a seven foot mural that got put up in my elementary school's library that had every greek legend I could think of on it, with the exception of pegasus, who was probably on it at least three times... Cut out of printer paper, of course, probably when I was supposed to be doing math. 

I've been feeling this urge to cut up things coming back recently, and I'm feeling like it'll probably be a Thing again within a few years if it's going where I think it is.

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Sarah@Dr.LorinMasterSarah said...

This is so cool, Erika! So along with writing, the online journal that I help edit also takes art submissions. You should check it out. Your writing and art are the types of things we are looking for. So, if you are ever looking to submit anything just for fun, here is the website address:
We are doing a special 18 and under issue in July, but the October issue is for everyone. Anyway, just thought I would let you know about it.