Monday, December 17, 2012

Interesting Drawing, Physical Fail

This is a drawing from early 2011 that I just dredged up while looking for something else (which I can't remember what it was now...)

I'm not entirely sure how this ended up a motorcycle, but I'm fairly certain I didn't intend it as one when I started, which led to a few things, the major ones being: 1: A visually interesting machine built to punch through walls, and 2: No steering.

That's Cameron, from the somewhat-in-progress-novel 'Clockwork Dog,' looking a bit older here than I think he'll be in the book when all's said and done. In this sketch he's just stolen it from someone richer than himself, because he's really got no reason to be riding such a contraption.

It'd be fun to do a redux of this, I think, since I like the idea of a beautiful battering-ram motorcycle, and it would be a good idea to solve the steering problem.

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