Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wolf pack

Character designs from last year. Just went digging though my old sketchbooks and I still liked them, so I thought they deserved some color.

I like silhouette to show the personality of the character--while there have been some cool designs that come from just 'pushing shapes' around, I prefer to push my shapes a little more consciously.

With the alpha, I figured he'd be a harsh enforcer of rules, and he gravitated toward a strong, axe-like shape, he's probably got pretty good intuition though, as he doesn't seem to trust mr orange eyes there, who I wanted to look fun but maybe not totally trustworthy, or a little flaky. Jack Wickham from Pride and Prejudice comes to mind for him.

The mother wolf originally looked a lot older in the drawing, she lost a few years in the digital transition, but her soft shapes and relatively even silhouette still suggest the reliable, grounded sort of matron that I had in mind to temper mr. Axe-alpha.

The omega's design is all bandy, as if he's going to flop over anything, but I think he'd be the most likely of the group to be the protagonist of a story--it'd be interesting to see an 'after' shot of him after he does some learning and toughens up a bit--I think he could fill into a hero roll if he could just get his tail out from between his legs. And get a few good meals.

The pups...I just wanted to avoid the 'all mini-moms and one mini-dad' trope.


Shara Mills said...

Hey Erika, it's great to see your work again! I miss it. What have you been up to lately?

Marcelo Vignali said...

Nice wolves! I can tell you invested some time into the thinking about the dynamics between characters.

Ty Carter said...

These are beautiful and so much fun Erika! Great designing :)