Monday, January 31, 2011

Screen Printing

Also known as silk screening, uses a layer of silk or muslin stretched taut across a frame of wood, using water adhesive stretching tape to pull it taut. This frame is laid flat on top of the surface that is to be printed on, which can be anything from metal, wood, or glass, to, of course, paper. Stencils are used to control where ink goes through onto the surface, and are laid over the silk, then have thick, gel like ink squeegeed over them, leaving the first layer of ink on the surface, in the shape of the stencil. Other colors may be added on top, but only when the first layer is completely dry.

Museum dedicated to Andy Warhol
, one of the most famous screen printers.
Squeegeeville: with instruction, ordering information, and links to contemporary silk screeners.
Contemporary screen printers:
Nelly Duff
'Judge' website with prints for sale.

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