Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Of Napoleon and Dragons

That about sums up the fantasy Temeraire Series by author Naomi Novik. It's a fantastic little alternate universe series involving intelligent dragons (of various breeds and sizes) employed basically as warships during the Napoleonic Wars. The series benefits from being well researched, and delves into many of the questions most fantasy books (especially dragony ones) glaze over. Like the fact that harboring a several ton predator entails feeding it Lots Of Livestock. Among other things. A very satisfying series. Peter Jackson has bought screen rights to it (google confirmed rumor), if that gives it any added clout.

Anyway. As soon as I finished the first book I knew I'd have to draw -something- from it, so here is Captain James, and his companion Volatilus, or Volley, for short. His breed is bred for speed, at the sacrifice of intelligence, which makes him rather stupid for a dragon, but I find it endearing.

Third happening that led to the existence of this image is the unearthing of the author's anything-goes fanart contest, which, by some miracle, I actually entered on time even though it fell on the weekend of my brother's wedding. I would have liked to do it in watercolor, but I had only micron with me, so pen it is.

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Marcelo Vignali said...

Nothing like a good book to fuel the imagination! Your dragon looks great, you even captured the "unintelligent" look on his face, but his eagerness speaks to his loyalty. Great job.